Monday, June 1, 2009

Menu, Week of June 1

Quick and easy this week - back in town yesterday and leaving again on Friday! It's hazy and cool here in LA, as we move into the 'June Gloom', so planning on some easy, cheap comfort food. I am reading (FINALLY) In Defense of Food. It's not really new information for me, but is put so well in Pollan's characteristic readable style. I'm halfway through, and keep having to stop to go "Oh my God it's so TRUE!!". Pick it up if you haven't yet.

Monday: L: Chickpea curry (can of chickpeas with curry paste, a tomato and some raisins), brown rice and cucumber salad (thinly sliced cuke marinated in rice and umeboshi vinegar) with yogurt and chutney
D: Greek lemon chicken thighs and potatoes (from Weight Watchers Magazine. I made them two weeks ago and they were a hit). I'll steam some asian greens with them.

Tuesday: L: curry
D: chicken thighs

Wednesday: L: Chicken Thighs
D: Brown rice pasta with marinara, tuna, and kalamata olives

Thursday: L: pasta
D: out for date night

Friday L: whatever is leftover at this point!

That's it! Have a great week!

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