Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Rustic White Beans, Bulgur, tofurky and larabars

Back to cooking this week - I haven't baked anything yet, but I might tonight - some kind of not too sweet muffin that we can enjoy for snacks or even breakfast is on deck. The almond-quinoa ones were such a hit last week. Applesauce Oatbran muffins seem likely.

From vegan challenge
Monday night I cooked up the mess of cannellini beans I had been soaking, making Rustic White Beans with Leeks and Mushrooms from Veganomicon. I found them delicious, pairing them, as suggested, with Couscous with Tomatoes and Capers. I didn't have any couscous (as I annoyingly discovered as I started cooking), but I was able to sub in bulgur wheat, another quick cooking grain, which was fairly successful, if a tad chewy. This meal got a thumbs down from J. though. He's funny about texture sometimes, and like a lot of omnis, his chief complaint about veggie food is that it's 'mush'. This was a pretty mushy meal, but I'm fine with that. The flavour of the beans was wonderful (they were cooked with a bouquet garni, which I've never done before), and the beans made a silky sauce in themselves. Yum.

I bought some more quick cooking food during grocery shopping this week, so that if I got derailed from cooking for any reason, or just didn't feel like it, I'd still have what to eat. I bought some Tofurky brand Italian Sausage links, and they were yummy, especially split down the middle and panfried. And I know I'm the last person in the universe to discover Larabars, but I finally did. I feel silly paying $1.25 for dates and nuts smooshed together, and maybe I'll get around to making some, but in the meantime, they are an awesome and delicious whole food alternative to 'power bars.'

Tomorrow night I have a friend coming over for dinner, and Hot Sauce Marinated Tempeh and mashed potatoes with Corn and Jalapeno Gravy are on deck. That sounds like a spicy menu, so I may have to get some Purely Decadent Coconut Milk 'Ice Cream' to cool us off. Poor us.

In the non cooking front, I haven't really been feeling that great doing this. I am enjoying it, trying different things, cooking, etc., but I feel increasingly confirmed that veganism is not an ideal diet for me, at least from a health stand point. I feel pretty low energy, and managing my blood sugar without animal protein is a constant, pretty unwinnable battle. I have added in a supplement, Floradix, and a chinese herbal formula, to try to offset some of the symptoms I am having, so hopefully that will help. I do think that eliminating dairy has been very beneficial, and I think that's a change that will stick around. With occasional exceptions for artisanal cheeses and gelato. All things in moderation, including moderation. Am definitely looking forward to eating some fish and hardboiled eggs down the road.

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