Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chronicling the mishaps

Today was not a successful frugal day. It is a bit tiring to feel like if I screw up on my planning at all, then I am out of luck. This morning i realized the food i cooked on sunday had run out. The lunch I packed to take to work consisted of two slices of bread and a raw egg. I get depressed just thinking about it.

So, I cracked and got lunch from next door, Bella Roma. Bella Roma is wonderful, delicious food, made with care by a gifted chef with good ingredients. I recommend it highly. But it's not a great place for me to go for lunch. For one, getting a panini, the cheapest things there, comes to $10, more than my food budget for a whole day. And at the cost of about 800 calories. I guess I could have gotten the pasta e fagioli, but then I would feel like i was wasting eating out. Don't question it. That makes sense to me.

I don't feel too awful, physically, but a huge bunch of fat and white flour in the middle of the day is making me feel very sleepy. Plus, eating salty animal products makes me crave sugar like nobodies business. I am nibbling on some Mix Mukvas (sweet fennel candy breath freshener) I bought at Bharat Bazaar on Tuesday to keep it at bay.

I should really do a DIY frozen dinner project some time soon, so in these cases I don't have to take a raw egg for lunch, which, in retrospect, was pretty much a guarantee i was going to eat a pannini today.

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