Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Pancake Day

Yesterday was Pancake Day, aka shrove tuesday, mardi gras etc. Since I'm Canadian, to me it will always be pancake day. This was news to my American partner, but he was happy to go along for the ride.

Confessionally, I suck at making pancakes. I always turn out these 300 lb slabs of low fat multigrain cardboard and also manage to burn them. This time I swore it would be different. And it was. I printed a recipe from (click on the pic for the recipe) that looked easy and delicious, and had buttermilk, one of my favourite ingredients. In fact, I bought the buttermilk before I even found the recipe. I bought a piece of turkey kielbasa at the store to provide sausage, to me the necessary accompaniment to pancakes.

The recipe had butter and white flour in it, and so I discovered why I had been turning out hockey pucks all these years. Making them decadent was the right thing to do. It is Mardi Gras afterall, or the british equivalent: No drinking in the streets, no flashing of boobs, no costume parades; Let's go wild and have PANCAKES FOR DINNER.

All that being said, the white flour, butter and sugar has made me feel a little weird, as always when I stray from my pure food path, which happens not infrequently... So today I am going to try to eat as cleanly as possible, and I brought some extra snacks in case my blood sugar is screwed up after the pancake dinner. Of course, I am slated to go out for dinner for a friend's birthday tonight, so who knows what will happen later. All the more reason to eat right for lunch today.

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