Monday, May 4, 2009

Menu Plan for the week

Back in the swing of the farmer's market: we've been going to the Mar Vista one, which is great! It's near our new place, has a great vibe, music, food if we want it, and guaranteed cute dogs. Lately we've been eating tons of israeli or greek salad: cukes and tomatoes with feta or mozzarella or olives or tuna - so that appears in this week's menu! Also on the agenda was using up some frozen protein sources: chicken thighs and lean ground beef.

Monday: L: Pineapple Black Bean chicken, (scroll down for recipe) steamed gai lan, brown rice.
D: whole wheat chili mac with israeli salad (chopped tomatoes and cukes with lemon and salt)

Tues: L: Chili Mac & salad
D: Chopped Israeli salad with tuna and black olives

Wed: L: Israeli salad with tuna and black olives or chili mac, depending on what's leftover
D: Crockpot: Chicken Thighs with zukes and tomato sauce over brown rice

Thurs: L: chicken and sauce with brown rice
D: Tabbouleh (bulghur and parsley salad) with chickpeas

Fri: L: Tabbouleh with chickpeas
D: out for dinner (date night!)

we got all our produce at the farmer's market this week, and it's in every part of the menu. I plant to keep that up through the summer!

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