Monday, May 18, 2009

Menu Plan, May 18-22

It's cooled off here this week, so we'll be eating some warmer things. And we made it to the farmers market Sunday - strawberries are really beautiful right now, I got some locally grown ginger root and asian greens, bok choy and gui lan, which inspired our Sunday dinner of Japanese hotpot. yum!

Sunday Night: tori-nabe on our new table top hotplate. I also cooked a vegan lasagna, (pictured at left, image from, an awesome resource) partially for us and partially for a friend who is having surgery.

Monday L: leftover tori-nabe in my brand-new Ms. Bento, with edamame and strawberries in the top section
D: Lemon potatoes and chicken (from the current issue of Weight Watchers Mag)

Tues: L: chicken and potatoes
D: Vegan lasagna

Wed: L: Lasagna
D: Skillet sole with steamed guilan and brown rice

Thurs: L: Fish, veg and brown rice
D: Either more lasanga or we will go out for date night to Pure Luck

Fri: L: whatever there's leftover of! (hopefully not more lasagna, i'll probably be done!)

have a great week!

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